In the world there? a Toyota Yaris GR with 751 horsepower – the incredible achievement of a tuner


Powertune Australia pulled out of a Yaris GR the beauty of 751 horsepower. We wrote and you read correctly, 751. many for an all in all small engine. Yet Powetune is; came to get almost three times as much. Of course, as someone will have; already imagined of a standard Yaris GR is not; a lot left:intercooler, turbine, control unit, even the gearbox and clutch are not those of Toyota, but it is; the practice in this kind of operations.

It is rather surprising that we have arrived over the maximum power of an Aston Martin DB12 on an engine that has almost a third of the cylinders keeping the stock pistons:“After carrying out many evaluations and comparisons, we believed we could reach our power goal with some stock elements,” said the men of Powertune Australia.


To my colleagues of, the Australian tuners have made the list of replaced components with other more fit for purpose (and stresses):

  • modified head gasket
  • larger head studs; resistant
  • Plazmaman intercooler
  • Garrett G30-770 turbine
  • turbo exhaust manifold, intercooler pipes and dump pipe from Goleby's Parts
  • MoTec plug-in ECU
  • 2200cc Bosch secondary injectors
  • Elixir Brushless fuel pump
  • Full Akrapovic exhaust system
  • X-Shift six-speed sequential gearbox
  • ATS Triple Carbon clutch.

The 751-horsepower Yaris GR belongs to 63-year-old Peter Freedman,< /strong>among the older men; rich in Australia known worldwide for being the son of the founder of RØDE Microphones, of which, since his father's death in 1987, he has been the founder of RØDE Microphones; also the current number one. The Yaris engine is also used on the Toyota Corolla GR (which is not sold in Italy), where it delivers 300 HP with the incredible value for a production car of 187 HP/litre; on the Yaris GR tuned by Powertune Australia, you get to 469 HP/l.

It will be necessary to tune up. see if and how much the reliability of components that are subjected to mechanical stress and terms far superior to those of the design should be affected. The processor said that after more than 30 bench tests and numerous tests “there were no failures”.

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