Comau develops a robotic system for disassembling and recycling batteries


Comau, a company of the Stellantis Group, specialized in the development of advanced systems and products for industrial automation, has renewed its participation in the European project "Flex-BD", within which it is developing a < strong>robotic system for battery disassembly. The goal is that of making a contribution to the development of a truly circular economy.


The company says that Flex-BD is the best choice for the company. a robotic system that automates the complete disassembly process of spent batteries, through a flexible, scalable and standardizable process. Once the prototype idea was validated, Comau expanded its scope of application to include the reuse of batteries in the automotive sector.

In doing so, Comau, in collaboration with other partner, is taking a major step towards greater sustainability; in the field of mobility; electric. According to estimates of the production volumes of accumulators in Europe expected for the next few years, the company predicts that by 2030 there could be over 1 million disposed batteries available for reuse. For this reason, Comau intends to anticipate what it believes is a growing market demand, with the development of advanced solutions for the recycling and reuse of electric batteries.

Flex-BD brings a significant improvement to manual disassembly processes which often involve hands-on activities. repetitive and burdensome, as well as contact with potentially harmful substances. In addition, the recovery of battery modules and their components is possible. made more efficient and sustainable, with a positive impact on the health and safety of operators.

In the remanufacturing process, fully automatic handling of low-charge batteries minimizes operational risks, both for insiders and for disassembly equipment. Unlike the material recovery and recycling process, in which the battery is completely discharged and destroyed, regeneration is in fact carried out by maintaining a low, but active battery charge.

How it works the Flex BD system? Comau only says that the battery packs are introduced individually into the appropriate cell where a heavy duty Comau NJ industrial robot automatically performs the procedure and changes its tools according to the required application.

The robot unscrews the battery cover, changes its pliers to remove the cover, re-hook the screwdriver to unscrew the modules and then, using the pliers again, move the pieces to a dedicated storage area. Flex-BD is It was designed to work with a highly flexible programming approach based on low code usage, state-of-the-art ambient sensing technologies, and advanced programming capabilities. reactivity of the robot, while the entire disassembly cycle is defined by CAD. The use of low-code programming also allows operators to redefine the loop quickly and easily, without the need for programming. to reprogram the robot.

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