BMW brings video games to the infotainment system of the new 5 Series


Car manufacturers are investing heavily in the development of infotainment systems which are more and more popular; sophisticated. In particular, more and more is being given; importance to features; related to entertainment. Over time we have seen services related to video streaming and even real games arrive inside the cars.

For a few days it has been The new generation of the BMW 5 Series was presented and will be presented; also offered in the 100% electric BMW i5 variant. Compared to the previous model there is; It was a big step forward also on the technology front. Inside the passenger compartment we find, in fact, the BMW Curved Displaywhich integrates the 12.3-inch instrumentation screen and that of the actual 14.9-inch infotainment system. In particular, on the new 5/i5 Series we find the new iDrive 8.5 platform for the infotainment system which offers a wider range; wide range of digital contents both for information and for entertainment.

In particular, the new sedan will be equipped with a wide range of digital contents. Is it possible to play the so-called games? called "casual-games" thanks to the integration of AirConsole, a gaming platform from the company – N-Dream Software Switzerland. Platform that will be available in the future; on other models of the German brand equipped with BMW Curved Display and infotainment version iDrive 8.5.


Obviously, it will be the same. It is only possible to play with the car parked. These mini games, as the German brand explains, can be ideal, for example, to pass the time while the car completes a full tank of energy. To play, passengers simply need their smartphone, which will be played on the screen. used as a controller. After launching the AirConsole app in the vehicle, the connection with the smartphone will be able to work. be done by scanning a QR code that will appear on the screen. on the BMW Curved Display.

All passengers in the car will enjoy themselves during the stops since the platform allows you to play more games; people at the same time. On the new BMW 5/i5 Series it will be; made available a first selection of "casual-games". Specifically, people will initially be able to play 15 titles including "Go Kart Go", "Golazo", "Music Guess" and "Overcooked". Over time, the German brand says, more titles will arrive that can be downloaded and run inside the car.

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