Audi Q7, restyling tests continue in view of the debut. Spy videos


Audi is continuing the development of the new restyling of its Q7 SUV. This model made its debut in 2015 and in 2019 it is the first model to be released. the first facelift was presented. The house with the 4 rings is therefore not working on a new generation of the SUV but only on a further restyling that will allow the vehicle to be restyled. to refresh the image of this model so that it can continue to remain competitive on the market for a few more years.

The German automaker aims to launch only new battery-powered cars starting from 2026. The forthcoming arrival of a second restyling dedicated to the Audi Q7 suggests that there won't be any more. a new generation equipped with an internal combustion engine. There probably won't be any. not even a battery-powered heir given that Audi already offers; the Q8 e-tron.

Going back to the restyling of the Q7, a new forklift is needed; been intercepted to carry out a test session on the roads of Scandinavia. A recent spy video from CarSpyMedia allows us to take a further look at this new model whose debut is expected by the end of the year.

The images from the film show a car equipped with slight camouflagewhich is concentrated in the areas of the car where the major innovations will arrive; of design. With the facelift, a new bumper with redesigned air intakes will be introduced at the front. There will be tweaks to the grille and headlights. Behind, however, Audi should make small changes to the bumper and propose light clusters with new graphics.

Probably also new colors for the bodywork and rims with a new design will be made available. As for the interiors, the video does not show them but it is; it is probable that a latest generation infotainment system will arrive alongside new upholstery for the passenger compartment.

On the engine front, there are no precise details but it is possible to find out more. it is probable that the news is limit themselves to an optimization of the current units; endothermic. Of course, it will continue. the Plug-in version is also proposed.

[Video: CarSpyMedia]

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