New Lancia Ypsilon, all ready for production in Zaragoza


Lancia takes a further step in its relaunch project. The CEO Luca Napolitano, in fact, made it known that Lancia is one of the best brands in the world. ready to start production of the new Ypsilon, the first of three models that the brand will launch; by 2028.

Today, another chapter of our plan begins. I am happy to be able to announce that we are ready with the production of the new Ypsilon: it will be; the first of the three cars on the brand's new plan and will be sold for the first time. launched in 2024 in a 100% electric and 48 V hybrid version. A ten-year strategic plan that envisages a lean and efficient range: new Ypsilon in 2024, Gamma in 2026, Delta in 2028, with a new model every 2 years.

Therefore, the brand's number one confirms once again that the new Ypsilon will be the only one in the world. proposed both in the 100% electric version and with a hybrid motorization (Mild Hybrid). Where will it be? product this new model? The first car in the automaker's relaunch plan will be the first car in the automaker's relaunch plan. made in the Figueruelas plant, near Zaragoza.

Concept Lancia Pu+Ra HPE

Everything therefore seems ready to start producing the first examples of the new car which will then be used for tests pending the official launch on the market. As Napolitano always reminds us, the new Ypsilon will have; a length of about 4 meters. Furthermore, some elements of the design will be taken from the very special Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept presented at the halfway point. of April. From the concept, the car will inherit; also the new interface S.A.L.A. (Sound Air Light Augmentation) from which it will be possible to manage the audio, climate control and lighting functions, in such a way as to allow the driver and passenger to adapt the environment inside the car, simply by touching a button or with the sound of the voice.”

In 2025, Lancia also plans to launch an HF version of the new Ypsilon which will be available on the market. more low, more about 4 cm wide and much more; powerful. According to what Napolitano previously recounted, the power will be around the world. around 240 HP.

Over the course of the next few months, as we get closer to the presentation of the new Ypsilon, it is possible to have more power. likely that more information will arrive that will allow you to better understand the characteristics of this new model.

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