Microlino, the electric quadricycle arrives in Italy. Prices


Microlino, the very special electric quadricycle that we have talked about several times in the past, it is arrived in Italy and will be; distributed through the dealerships belonging to the Koelliker Group. This small battery-powered car has a very particular design, inspired by that of the Isetta of the past, and is designed to be used on the market. fruit of the work of the Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems. In this project there is a also a lot of Italy since the production is held at the CECOMP headquarters in La Loggia, Turin.

Extremely compact dimensions, about 2.5 m long, two seats and front-of-car access, just like the Isetta of yesteryear. A vehicle designed expressly for the city, to be able to move easily in increasingly hectic traffic. chaotic. There is also a 230-litre load compartment, enough to accommodate, for example, shopping bags without major problems. The weight in running order & egrave; of 496 kg. Furthermore, since it is an electric vehicle, it can be; access to various ZTL present in many large urban centres.

In Italy, Microlino will be a brand new company. proposed in the Dolce and Competizione versions and with three different capacities; battery: 6 kWh, 10.5 kWh and 14 kWh. With the accumulator of greater capacity you can there can be also push outside the city centers without major problems.

How much does the Microlino cost in Italy? It starts at 21,090 euros for the Dolce version with a 6 kWh battery. An extra 1,500 euros is needed for the 10.5 kWh accumulator, while an extra 3,000 euros is needed for the 14 kWh one. The Competizione version, on the other hand, starts at 22,090 euros, again with the 6 kWh accumulator. The first deliveries are expected after the summer.


This quadricycle can be used in any vehicle. count on unity; from 19 kW peak (12.5 kW nominal power) and 89 Nm of torque. The speed; The maximum speed reaches 90 km/h, while it takes 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h. As mentioned above, customers will be able to choose from three batteries with 6000mAh capacity. different (cells of the nickel-cobalt-manganese type). The company declares a range of 91 km (6 kWh battery), 177 km (10.5 kWh battery) and 230 km (14 kWh battery).

Speaking of recharging (0-80%), the company informs that 4 hours are needed (battery 6 kWh), 3 hours (10.5 kWh battery) and 4 hours (14 kWh battery).

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