Emilia-Romagna flood, "quarantine" for hybrids and electric cars that ended up under water


Emilia-Romagna is facing the consequences of the flood > which caused a lot of damage and, unfortunately, also several victims. In the last few hours, an ordinance issued by the Municipality of Ravenna at the request of the Fire Brigade has caused much discussion because it only touches hybrid and electric cars.

In fact, as a precautionary measure, it is only allowed to touch hybrid and electric cars. Dealers and private individuals who have hybrid (the type of hybrid has not been specified) and electric vehicles have been asked to “quarantine” their vehicles. for 15 daysthese vehicles in case they ended up under water due to the flood or if they are in particularly humid environments. During this period, cars must be placed outdoors, at least 5 meters away from other vehicles or buildings.

As a precautionary measure, dealers and private individuals who for any reason own electric and hybrid vehicles that have been submerged following the meteorological events of recent days, or who are in particularly humid environments, must adopt some preventive measures to protect public safety. ;. In particular, these vehicles must be placed in quarantine for 15 days, i.e. they must be quarantined. be kept in outdoor spaces, with a distance between one vehicle and another, from buildings and other vehicles of at least five meters. These measures were ordered at the request of the Fire Brigade.

Obviously, a very important premise must be made immediately. Hybrid and electric cars are absolutely no less safe in the presence of a lot of water. The battery packs, after all, are specially made. In fact, hybrid and electric cars can circulate safely when it rains and it's not raining. a problem to pass on flooded roads. We cannot fail to mention that several 100% electric off-road vehicles and pickups are arriving on the market which are designed to be able to tackle any type of route and even fords (there are already similar Plug-in models).

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At first, someone had branded this news as “fake news”, thinking it had been circulated with the aim of casting a bad light, especially on electric cars. Actually, it was all true. The decision to establish this very particular quarantine for the purpose, we reiterate, only as a precautionary measure, is an important one. taken following what happened at a dealership where a Nissan Leaf, after being submerged in water for some time due to the flood, < strong>it had caught fire.

The problem was that it had caught fire. resolved in a short time, without further damage, but the Fire Brigade preferred to follow the path of prudence to avoid similar interventions. For this it is been asked to institute this particular measure valid for electrified cars. It must be said that, except in the specific case of the dealership, there do not appear to have been any other reports of electric or hybrid cars catching fire following the flood.

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