BYD wants to open a new car factory in Europe


BYD is continuing to grow rapidly and the Chinese market numbers are very clear in this regard. The automaker is also working to expand its presence in Europe and in recent months the brand has been on the move. already landed in some countries of the Old Continent. In reality, BYD has been a leader in the industry for many years. present in Europe as a manufacturer of electric buses and commercial vehicles. Now, however, the strategy is; changed and the car manufacturer has also begun to market its electric cars.

Specifically, at the moment, BYD already has an electric car. introduced the Act 3, Han and Tang modelsand Dolphin and Seal are coming soon too. To increase its presence in Europe, BYD also needs a factory in the Old Continent to be able to produce its cars. Apparently, the automaker is evaluating several possible locations for this plant.


According to Automotive News Europe, BYD is reportedly talking to Franceto be able to build a factory in this country. However, the Chinese press adds that the automaker is also considering other countries including Germany and Spain. The United Kingdom would have been excluded due to the problems caused by Brexit.

The list of potential countries in which to build the plant does not include Italy. According to reports, the Chinese brand would be more popular. inclined to build a factory from scratch rather than buy one that is closed or being disused. In any case, it seems that the announcement of the first BYD car production site in Europe could be made by the end of the year. Production should then start by 2025.

Therefore, all that remains is to wait for new products. on BYD's expansion project in the Old Continent. In this regard, we remind you that the Chinese brand will enter the market. soon also on the Italian car market where it will offer; its electric cars.


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