Askoll announces XKP L1 and L3, electric scooters designed for the city


Askoll, a company specializing in mobile mobility; electric company based in Veneto, recently announced the arrival of two new electric scooters, the XKP L1 and L3. XKP to be read in English as “escape”, to indicate the vocation of these models: vehicles designed for the millennial public, which however integrate; the profound experience gained by Askoll over almost a decade. We saw (and tried) them in Milan on the occasion of the official presentation.


Both are based on the eS series, which Askoll has continued to refine over the years. The first novelty it is in terms of aesthetics, familiar but characterized by some new features: we note the new round and slightly inclined front headlight, which is more; brighter than previous modelsso; to facilitate driving at night. Other aspects, such as the rear window and the fender, both redesigned, give a more modern look. sporty and modern to the scooter. The USB socket is standard on all models and the passenger grab handles have been redesigned for greater comfort. When it comes to looks, personal tastes inevitably come into play, but I find it very cute and suitable for the urban context in which it is used. was meant to be used.

The 5.5-inch multicolor display offers excellent readability. better – but still not perfect in the sunlight, from what I've tried – showing all the necessary information both during the day and in the evening, thanks to the dual mode; of lighting. Date, time, battery level, mode of use and so on: a glance is enough to get an overall idea of ​​the state of your vehicle.

Furthermore, thanks to the new app, keyless ignition (even by more than one person) and the customization of numerous functions is now easier than ever. been made possible, adding useful information such as the position of the scooter, the mode; of regeneration chosen and the settings of the “Follow Me” option, which keeps the rear light on even when we turn off the XKP, making it more For example, convenient the parking space in the garage at night.

on the road

Despite the different speeds; maximum speeds (45 km/h for L1 and 66 km/h for L3), both versions have similar technical specifications. Autonomy is limited. of 87 km for L1 and 90 km for L3 and both models are powered by a 2.7 kW motor. The two removable lithium-ion batteries of 1.4 kWh each can be recharged with normal household current in about 6 hours.

The low weight of the scooter (71 kg) and the adoption of 16″ wheels contribute to its handling: in fact going around a city is difficult. busy like Milan proves to be a pleasant experience, thanks to the raised position that allows you to always feel at ease in the middle of traffic but also an agility; what an ease; the way out of complicated city situations. Comfort and safety are guaranteed by generously sized tires and a braking system that features a 230 mm disc at the front (190 mm in the L1 version) and a 190 mm disc at the rear.

Appreciable new functions such as Cruise Control, which can be activated with a button over 30km/h, and the mode; Walk Assist which reduces the speed of the car. at 3km/h and it is; useful when, for example, you have to move the scooter by hand.

The new Askoll XKP scooters will be available in anthracite and night gray colors starting from June, with prices of 5,090 &EUR; for the L1 model and 5,290 € for the L3. Among other things, the warranty, even on the batteries, is valid. been extended to 6 years as well; to give buyers even one more reason; to feel protected by the company in case of problems.

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