The government wants to be able to spy on you when you chat


Published 2 April 2023 at 09.00

Domestic. Despite the fact that the support party Sweden Democrats is against it, the government intends to back the controversial EU proposal to make it possible to spy on all digital messages sent between users on the internet, Ekot states.

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The message is provided by Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer's (M) press secretary to Ekot.

The aim of the proposal is, according to the EU, to combat sexual abuse of children.

Critics, however, believe that it constitutes a disproportionately large intervention in personal integrity and that it could be used for a number of other things that a state might have an interest in when it comes to spying on its citizens.

The issue is being discussed. now both between the governments of the EU countries and in the EU parliament.

Even the Social Democrats support the proposal.

The Sweden Democrats and the Center Party are against it.