The government's website crashed when Swedes had to apply to become high grant recipients


Published 1 April 2023 at 15.23

Economics. Get full salary – without working. With such a promise, the government wants to save highly indebted voters from having to sell homes at a loss if they lose their jobs during the recession. But when CSN's application site opened at midnight, it crashed due to search pressure from grant-seekers.

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GENEROUS VOTE: The new high contribution line for middle-aged voters was introduced on 1 October 2022. In Sweden, the contribution is unusual in that it openly rewards certain voter groups without any official explanation being presented as to why they should be given more generous conditions than others. In several countries around the Mediterranean, however, this type of grant culture – called clientelism – is common.

The transition grant is a type of middle-class and middle-age­ grant that aims to help Swedes in the middle of life who are already have a job should have 80 percent of their income paid by the taxpayers if they choose to stop working and start studying instead.

The rest of the income is secured through a favorable CSN loan, which is awarded on the same terms as regular, simple students. The latter, of course, cannot apply for the grant, as the government has decided on an age limit of 27.

However, the support became so popular that only 1,110 of the roughly 30,000 people who wanted the grant managed to get their application through overnight until today, before the site crashed due to overload, writes Aftonbladet.

Many mortgage customers now express their dissatisfaction with CSN's IT management.

– It is not easy to start over professionally when you have children and loans and all that. That's why the support is perfect for us who can't chew noodles in a student corridor, says a middle-aged “project and production manager in the marketing industry” from Stockholm to Aftonbladet. first come, first serve basis. It is therefore important to be ready to absorb the grant money when CSN opens the grant tap again, according to the authority.

Following the Riksdag's decision, SEK 1.3 billion will be paid out in transition study support this year.

The money is estimated to be enough for 8,800 people.