BMW, its strategy to reduce battery costs


As we know, batteries are the most common element in the world. expensive than electric cars. All car manufacturers are working to reduce accumulator costs, with the aim of making electric ones more economical. competitive and profitable. Speaking with Reuters, Nicolas Peter, financial manager of the BMW Group, explained what the strategy of the German manufacturer is to get to containing battery costs.

Apparently, BMW is betting on battery design and above all on recycling of accumulators. This is a different choice from that made by other car manufacturers which, instead, are investing in the mining sector in order to have facilitated supplies of raw materials necessary for the production of battery cells.

We don't think it's right to invest in mines. We consider more important to recover raw materials from cars and other products.

Reducing the costs of batteries, which depend a lot on raw materials, is the key challenge for automakers attempting to generate profits from electric vehicles similar to those of their internal combustion models. Some manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Stellantis, for example, are betting heavily on expanding their battery production and investing in mines to ensure control along the supply chain.

BMW is therefore adopting a different approach, focusing on the cars and leaving the management of the battery ecosystem to the partners. The automaker, while it has a battery research center in Germany, already has a battery research center in place. signed important agreements with realities; of the caliber of CATL and EVE Energy.

Furthermore, even if the German brand intends to focus on the use of battery recycling to recover precious raw materials, Nicolas Peter adds that the company does not want to invest in its own large plants. It must be said, however, that BMW can; rely on a battery cell recycling plant through a joint venture in China.

So, for large-scale battery cell recycling relies on a large-scale battery cell recycling plant . once again to its partners. The Germans hope that sourcing battery raw materials from recycling and new manufacturing techniques could eventually make its future electric cars based on the Neue Klasse platform more affordable. profitable.

And always with a view to reducing prices, BMW is also betting on technologies that require fewer precious raw materials. For this reason, the brand is also working on hydrogen-related technology (Fuel Cell).

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