This is how you can revoke access to other apps on Instagram


You can use Instagram data with other apps and services. It is good practice to regularly check which apps are linked. This way you can check which apps are linked to Instagram and how you can remove them.

Some third-party apps and services give you the option to connect to your Instagram account so that you can, for example, upload photos to Instagram from those apps. This also works the other way around: you can then import photos from your Instagram account to another app. Instagram gives you control over which apps and services you have allowed to connect to your Instagram account. We also tell you how to undo this.

Removing Instagram permission with apps: here's how to do it

With such a link, an external app can collect all kinds of information from view your Instagram account, such as your username and photos. If you no longer use the app or if you want to undo this for another reason, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the settings via your profile, the dashes at the top right and followed by Settings.
  2. Tap Security.
  3. Choose the Apps and websites option.
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  5. In the overview you can see which apps and services are linked. Tap Remove to no longer allow an app.
  6. You can also view expired and removed permissions from the tabs at the top.
  7. Once you remove a link, it will disappear from the list. Don't see the option yet or is it not working properly yet? Instagram will roll out this feature over the next six months, so check back later.

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