Tesla Targeting US LFP Battery Cell Factory with CATL?


Tesla is reportedly considering the possibility of uploading it. to build a new battery factory together with CATL in the United States, where to go to produce LFP cells(lithium-iron-phosphate). At least, that's it. according to a Bloomberg report. Is not serious; it is a mystery that Elon Musk intends to focus a lot on this type of accumulator. In addition to being more; cheap, they make it possible to depend less on precious raw materials such as nickel or cobalt.

Moreover, in recent years, LFP batteries have made important progress, especially in terms of ; energy, thanks to companies such as CATL. Recall that Tesla already; today use these accumulators on the "basic" of the Model 3 and Model Y, those equipped with a single engine and rear-wheel drive.


Thanks to a factory dedicated to the production of LFP cells, Tesla could increase their use, also thinking of the models that will arrive in the future, especially the most recent. sometimes talked about "25,000 dollar model" promised by Elon Musk. Tesla could then take advantage of the concessions of the Inflaction Reduction Act to be able to build the new Gigafactory.

In this regard, Bloomberg reports that Tesla would have discussed the factory project to be built in collaboration with CATL with the American government to have clarity on the rulesof the Inflaction Reduction Act. According to reports, Elon Musk's company would like to define a project very similar to the one recently announced by Ford. In fact, the Casa dell'Ovale Blu will go; to build a new factory in Michigan where cells of the LFP type will be produced. Partner of this project, also CATL. The new Tesla plant would remain under the ownership of Tesla. of the company; by Elon Musk, with CATL allegedly licensing its technology, while also offering technical support for production.

Like all reports, this one should be taken with caution. However, if Tesla is really aiming for a Gigafactory for LFP cells to be built in collaboration with CATL, the structure would guarantee the American brand or almost independence in the supply of these batteries. At the moment, in fact, the production of cells for LFP batteries is limited. almost entirely concentrated in China.

Where could this new factory be built? According to the report, it could arise in Texas to be able to supply the Austin Gigafactory. All that remains is to wait for more information.

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