Storm of criticism against the Church of Sweden's prayer for transvestites after the school shooting


Published 31 March 2023 at 18.47

Domestic. Days after a female transvestite killed three nine-year-olds and three adults at a Christian school in Tennessee in the USA, the Church of Sweden goes out with a prayer for “transgender people who suffer, are oppressed, are killed”. Tasteless, many think.

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“God, I pray for all trans people who are suffering, oppressed, killed. I pray for those whose names I never get know, those who have been forced to live a lie. Help me work for a better world, where everyone can be themselves. Amen”

This is what the Church of Sweden writes today on its official Twitter account.

The prayer is published after a female transvestite shot dead children at a Christian school in Tennessee. In the US, media and politicians have described transvestites as victims of “hate” after the incident.

The Swedish Church's tweet has received a long line of comments that are harshly critical and comment on the timing.

” Children at a >Christian< school are shot to death by a transgender person and the Church of Sweden chooses to pray for the perpetrator and her ilk," writes one user, for example.

To this post, the church responds:

“Why shouldn't we be able to pray for all trans people because one of them was a perpetrator? We pray for all men, even though perpetrators are often men.”

Another user accuses the Church of Sweden of “signaling kindness everything that is woke”, and receives the following response:

“Goodness signaling is a nice word anyway. We LIKE to signal that we stand for goodness. “