Minister Pichetto: Italy ready to invest in e-fuels


Germany has obtained the e-fuel exemption from the European Union to be able to continue to sell new endothermic cars even after 2035, provided they are powered only by this fuel. Italy which, instead, focused on biofuels, is been "rejected" from the EU. As we have seen, it seems that the Italian Government will not give itself up. a winner on the biofuels front.

In any case, the intention is; also that of investing in the synthetic fuel sector such as e-fuels. The Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin explains it well, speaking at the Italy-Spain dialogue forum.

I want to announce it here, we are committed as a Government to investing 4 billion euros in e-fuel over the next two-three years. We are in complete agreement with e-fuel but what we are asking for is e-fuel. to scientifically evaluate the neutrality of technological. We have raised the topic of biofuel. Certainly e-fuel pollutes less but it will come in 2028 therefore biofuels were for a transition phase. If then it is scientifically demonstrated non-neutrality; one gives up.

An important part of this project seems which will be able to be the PNRRthanks to which 3.6 billion will be invested in hydrogen which is one of the main elements for the production of e-fuel. Indeed, speaking previously at the Intermodalità Sustainable, the minister had declared:

Italy must be ready to seize the new opportunities. After the vote on the auto regulation, let's move on to biofuels to demonstrate their neutrality. We must look to science and not to ideology. In the meantime, however, the PNRR puts 3.6 billion on hydrogen: with such an investment and nearby Africa, we can also become the first e-fuel producers ourselves.

< p>Therefore, part of the PNRR funds for hydrogen could be used for projects related to synthetic fuels. In any case, as mentioned above, Italy does not intend to give up biofuels and the minister is asking for the collaboration of Spain which will assume the responsibility for this. the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU.

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