Lancia, new details of the concept car. Presentation on April 15th


Lancia is pursuing a relaunch plan which envisages the presentation of the new generation of the Ypsilon in 2024. All models that will arrive in the future will be characterized by a new design language that is; This was anticipated, in part, by the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a very special sculpture presented by the car manufacturer towards the end of last year.

On April 15th, Lancia will present; a new concept car at the Milan Design Week which, in intentions, will become; the "brand manifesto for the next 10 years". 100% electric car which will present the a design with elements taken from the Pu+Ra Zero sculpture.

Lancia's CEO, Luca Napolinato, shared some new information on the concept car as well as a series of teasers that , however, they're not entirely new.


In about a couple of weeks we will be able finally discover forms and contents of this concept car. Meanwhile, Napolitano confirms once again that the characteristics of the concept such as design, sustainability, technology and electrification will also be found inside the new Lancia models of the future.

The concept should have shapes similar to those of a coupé sporty. The CEO himself points out that at the rear, the car will have round headlights, as can also be seen from the teasers, which are a precise reference to the Lancia Stratos. The rear window, on the other hand, has a design inspired by the “Venetian sunshade structure of the Lancia Beta HPE from the 1970s”.

One of the teasers even shows part of the car's roof. In this regard, Lancia limits itself to adding that the concept will be able to; count on a roof characterized by a particular design that guarantees a panoramic view, managing the natural light coming from outside in the best possible way.

Therefore, the new concept will go; to "influence" the 3 new cars that Lancia will launch; by 2028. Elements we will find, therefore, already; in the new Ypsilon which will make its debut; in 2024. We recall that the plans of the Italian brand foresee that 2 years later and precisely in 2026, the new flagship will be launched which will be; 4.6 meters long. In 2028, on the other hand, there will be a change. the new Delta, a model on which there is; a lot of curiosity.

All that remains is to wait to better discover the contents of this very special concept car.

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