Jews demand that the government distance itself from Mattias Karlsson


Published 31 March 2023 at 08.11

Domestic. The Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism (SKMA) rages against SD leader Mattias Karlsson, who is singled out as a spreader of “conspiracy theories” on TV4. According to the Jewish organization, it is “extremely serious” that the government does not clearly distance itself from Karlsson and the other “haters” within his party.

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I in an episode of “Cold facts” on TV4 on Monday, Mattias Karlsson (SD) was accused of spreading “extreme right-wing conspiracy theories” that there is a population exchange and Islamization.

He then received the support of party colleague Richard Jomshof, chairman of the Riksdag's justice committee, who stated that there are no conspiracy theories at all.

“Gang crime and organized crime is largely an imported problem. The Swedes are on the way to becoming a minority in their own country. There is an Islamization going on. There are no conspiracy theories without facts,” writes Jomshof on Twitter.

< p>The writings about Karlsson and Jomshof make the Jewish organization SKMA see red.

“It is, of course, no news that the SD is a racist and anti-Muslim party. Their representatives regularly speak out in line with Karlsson and Jomshof. However, the incitement against Muslims or the conspiracy theories that an 'elite' is orchestrating an exchange of 'Swedish culture' does not. against 'radical Islam' or that Sweden is on the way to being 'Islamized' are less serious,” SKMA writes in a statement.

Not infrequently, “Jews or a Jewish conspiracy” are meant when these types of ideas appear , continues the organization, which demands that the government parties clearly distance themselves from Mattias Karlsson:

“When incitement and conspiracy theories of this kind are promoted by prominent representatives of the government's cooperation party, it is of the utmost importance that M, KD and L not only disassociates from but also makes clear that the SD politicians' statements are racist, false and dangerous.”

According to SKMA, it is “extremely serious” that no such clear disavowals or condemnations have come from the government's side:< /p>

“It is giving the green light to the hatemongers and turning a blind eye to the consequences of their propaganda.”