Gold teeth from cremated corpses gave half a billion to the General Heritage Fund


Published 31 March 2023 at 18.09

Domestic. Recycling of metal remains from the cremation of dead Swedes without heirs has brought close to half a billion kroner to the Allmänna arvsfonden, reports P4 Skaraborg. The money goes to grants for things like drag shows for children and Somali clans.

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A change in the law that came into force in the summer of 2016 made it possible to recycle scrap metal during cremation.

The money that crematoria receive from the recycling goes to the Allmänna arvsfonden, which, among other things, distributes grants to various cultural Marxist projects such as drag queen fairy-tale reading for children.

– The recycling generates approx. thousand kroner per deceased, says Mattias Elofsson at the Swedish Cemetery and Crematorium Association.

He says that the industry was surprised by how much money could be generated through recycling.

All metal that is larger than three millimeters is recycled. In addition to dental gold, it can be metal from prostheses and jewellery.

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