Ferrari, still testing for the new supercar with V12 engine. Spy photos


A new forklift from a Ferrari ? been intercepted to carry out tests on the roads of Northern Europe. The spy photos show a Prancing Horse sports car with a front engine, obviously disguised and with features similar to those of Roma. Not ? the first time that forklifts of this model are seen on the roads and it seems that, in reality, it should be the heir of the Ferrari 812 which should make its debut in 2024.


Looking at the pictures, we can see that, compared to the Ferrari Roma, the front? been modified. For example, you notice the presence of new air intakes more? big. Modifications made necessary as the car has a V12 engine. Soon, of course, to talk about the final design of this model. Most of the elements of the bodywork are those of the Ferrari Roma.?However, it is possible that the new model has some design elements inspired by the new Purosangue and the 296 GTB.

Anyway, probably?to see the new supercar with the final forms need? wait until the end of the year at least. At the moment, it's difficult to understand whether there will be particular changes to the naturally aspirated V12. For Maranello, the V12? a very important engine, so much so that he also adopted it for his first SUV.

We don't know, however, if?there will be? a new V12 or just an evolution of the current one. We don't even know if it will be introduced some form of electrification or if it will continue? to be used a unit? “traditional”. There will certainly be news over the next few months. So, all that remains is to wait for new information on the development of this Ferrari supercar.

[Spy photo: CarScoops]

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