Alfa Romeo, Learned in Poland to "kick off" working on the electric B-SUV


In 2024, Alfa Romeo will launch a new car. a B-SUV that will be; its first electric model. In the past, it had been speculated that it could be called Brenner. However, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato let it be known that that name would not be chosen for this very important model for the relaunch strategy of the Italian brand.

Apparently, the CEO symbolically gave work started on the new B-SUV yesterday when he held a meeting with the technical team that will take the job. part of the project, at the Tychy plant, in Poland. In this factory, in fact, it will be; produced the new model. We remind you that the Jeep Avenger is also built on this site. After all, the new Alfa Romeo B-SUV will have a lot in common on a technical level with the Jeep model.

held this meeting & egrave; It was directly the CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato through a post on Twitter.


Among the images shared by the manager, one is; curious. In fact, in the background you can see what could be a first image of the new car. The meeting is however served the manager to share the priorities of the manager. of the new project that is; high quality and team spirit.

Work is underway on our new “game-changer” SUV, the first full electric from Alfa Romeo. I met with our local technical team and suppliers at our factory in Tychy, Poland, one of the largest factories in the world. of Stellantis, to share priorities: high quality; and team spirit – fundamental values!

According to ANSA reports, it should be the first of a series of meetings through which the Alfa CEO Romeo will meet; all parties involved in the B-SUV project.

What do we know about the new B-SUV? Having many points in common with the Jeep model, it will have many advantages. a length around 4.10 m. As far as the powertrain is concerned, it is; It is probable that the electric motor of the new Avenger will be used, which delivers 115 kW (156 HP) with 260 Nm of torque, even if given the tradition of the Alfa Romeo brand, one could expect a few more horsepower. An engine which in any case should always be combined with a 54 kWh battery which will allow to have a range of around 400 km.

The B-SUV could also be offered with an internal combustion engine, at least in some markets, just like the Jeep Avenger. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for further news. on the development of this model.

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