Three percent have confidence in Muharrem Demirok


Published 30 March 2023 at 18.48

Domestic. Center Party leader Muharrem Demirok now hits a new record low. Only three percent of Swedes say they have confidence in him in the latest survey from DN/Ipsos.

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No party leader has previously received such a low figure during the 23 years that the measurements were taken, writes Dagens Nyheter.

The Green Party's spokespeople Per Bolund and Märta Stenevi have previously been at the bottom of the trust league, but are now being thoroughly overtaken by the Center leader convicted of abuse. Ten percent of Swedes say they have confidence in the two mouthpieces.

Not even among C's own voters, more than barely one in five state that they have great confidence in Muharrem Demirok.

< p>Even before he was elected as the new party leader, Demirok's violent convictions drew attention in the media. Even his hateful outbursts against “white men” have received attention.

– Probably the attention to the assault verdicts against Muharrem Demirok has played a role here. It is hard to see that the poor numbers would be due to the policies he stands for. He hasn't had time to present much new yet, says Nicklas Källebring at Ipsos to DN.