Protests in Hungary when YouTube shuts down popular channel


Published 30 March 2023 at 08.09

Media. A large demonstration is planned in Budapest after Google shut down a popular Hungarian news channel on YouTube, Hungary Today reports.

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The shut down conservative news portal Pesti Srácok (PS TV) is calling on his supporters to participate in a demonstration on Friday outside Google's headquarters in Budapest.

Google, which owns YouTube, has come up with contradictory explanations for its decision – and according to Hungary Today, nothing indicates that PS TV has violated any of the platform's rules or any law.

“We say what the globalists fear most: the truth,” the channel writes in a statement and continues:

“We must show that we are many and stand up for our rights, which are guaranteed by the Hungarian constitution. We must show that an oversized IT company cannot override the laws of our country.”

Google's actions are condemned by other Hungarian media, and in a statement from the Hungarian National Media Union co-published in a number of media outlets.

Similar demonstrations against Google's political censorship have previously been held in Hungary.