Porsche Cayenne, the interior of the restyling. A screen also for the passenger


The time is approaching for the Porsche Cayenne to receive an important restyling that will introduce a new look. many new features, especially in terms of mechanics and content. The presentation is waiting for April 18 at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. We talked about the facelift several times thanks to a series of spy photos and some previews provided directly by the German manufacturer.

Now, Porsche has decided to anticipate some of the new features. which will arrive in the passenger compartment which will change with the restyling; a lot.


The new interiors will be characterized by the presence of a lot of technology. In fact, we will find up to three screens, one of which is for the front passenger. Specifically, for the digital instrumentation, it is; It features a 12.6-inch curved display. Depending on the set-up chosen, up to 7 different graphic layouts will be available. It will also display information regarding the navigator and the driver assistance systems.

In the center of the bridge is the; There is a 12.3-inch screen of the actual infotainment system (Porsche Communication Management) from which it is possible to access the infotainment system. You can access all the features of the app. digital technologies developed by Porsche. Obviously there will be support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

For the front passenger it will be an optional; A 10.9-inch display is availablefrom which it will be It is possible to manage some functionalities; of the car such as the navigator or enjoy multimedia contents. You will also be able to watch streaming videos. All without distracting the driver. In fact, a special film ensures that the display is not visible from the driver's seat.

All of the more physical controls. important are grouped directly around the steering wheel. The new engine start button is located to the left of the steering wheel. The gear selector is now located to the right of the steering wheel, between the instrument cluster and the central display. In this way it is It was possible to free up space on the center console for a new climate control panel with physical controls and a wider area. extensive storage surface.

The steering wheel is been renovated and is; derived from that of the Porsche 911. On it – the mode selector is present; available driving modes: Normal, Offroad, Sport and Sport Plus. a new wireless charging pad has been created with a charging power of up to 15 watts.

In the front glove compartment we will find two USB-C ports. Two more have been placed at the rear of the center console. All USB ports offer a quick charge function. The front ones also connect the smartphone with Porsche Communication Management. Obviously, as in all Porsches, the internal environment will be; studied in detail with the possibility of; to be able to choose from multiple finishes.

So all that remains is to wait a couple of weeks to discover all the secrets of the new German SUV.

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