Mazda with Toyota, Suzuki and Subaru for alternative fuels


These days there is much talk about e-fuel and biofuels due to the well-known political events at the European. Staying on the subject of alternative fuels, the news arrives that Mazda has decided to join the Research Association of Biomass Innovation for Next Generation Automobile Fuels. It is an association that promotes technological research on the use of biomass and the efficient production of bioethanol for cars.

The Japanese manufacturer thus joins other important companies in the automotive sector who already have joined this association. We speak, for example, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu and Toyota.


The association therefore aims to develop new generation and less polluting fuels through the exploitation of biomass and by-products such as oxygen and CO2. The Japanese manufacturer has decided to join as these objectives coincide with its approach of providing more equipment. options with its multi-solution strategy to achieve market neutrality. carbon.

Mazda highlights that through the Research Association will work to together with other member companies to promote the research and development of bioethanol production technology and other technologies. Then, it will give his contribution to increasing the potential of zero-emission fuels, "a promising option to achieve a society’ with zero emissions”.

We recall that the Japanese manufacturer claims that the effective reduction of CO2 emissions should be achieved through two complementary approaches: firstly, the adoption of fully electric vehicles to replace the with combustion engine and secondly by progressively replacing fossil fuels with zero-emission fuels in both existing internal combustion and electrified engines. also a member of the eFuel Alliance which brings together organizations and stakeholders who support the goal of establishing and promoting zero-emission e-fuels and hydrogen as a contribution to reducing emissions in the transport sector.

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