German app keeps tabs on immigrant crimes


Published 30 March 2023 at 11.02

Foreign. The opposition party Alternative for Germany (AFD) has launched a new app that charts the increasing number of crimes committed by immigrants across Germany.

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It is a daily updated interactive map of Germany showing locations where crimes have recently been committed by foreign nationals.

So far over 100 individual cases have been marked on the map as of February 21st.

These include several knife attacks and robberies, from Hamburg to Munich, reports Remix News.

AFD spokesman Stephan Brandner says the party takes responsibility for charting developments when the German media is silent or covering up the rise in immigrant crime.

– The individual local newspaper reports on the stabbing or gang rape in their area, but the perpetrator's profile is obscured so that it remains unclear where the perpetrator is from or whether he should have been deported long ago because he are in the country illegally, says Brandner and continues:

– Citizens want to know where the perpetrator comes from and what social background he has.

Foreign citizens are very strongly overrepresented in crime in Germany. Among other things, they account for 39 percent of the murders, 42 percent of the rapes and 37.7 percent of the violent crimes, despite the fact that they only make up about 12 percent of the population.

Corresponding statistics on immigrants who have been granted German citizenship are not kept, so the real numbers for immigrant crime are significantly higher. Once immigrants receive German passports, they are simply counted as “Germans” in crime statistics.