Expressen woman becomes Ulf Kristersson's new state secretary


Published March 30, 2023 at 4:33 p.m.

Domestic. Expressen's political editor Anna Dahlberg is leaving the newspaper – to instead become state secretary to Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

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The Post became vacant when its former owner PM Nilsson – also a journalist with a background in Expressen and other Bonnier newspapers – resigned after an eel fishing scandal.

Anna Dahlberg is best known for her editorial entitled “Vote no to hate” which was published in Expressen on election day 2010 and was adorned by a picture of a dirty and torn SD ballot in a gutter. In the article, Dahlberg stated that it was pure racism and “hatred” of the Sweden Democrats to want to limit immigration.

“How dreary would the street scene be without all the outside influences?” asked Anna Dahlberg among other things.

She also claimed that Sweden, if it weren't for the massive immigration from the third world, would become “a backwater in northern Europe that shrinks both intellectually and physically”. Immigration was “a lifeline”, she claimed.

The heated mood against SD that Expressen and other media whipped up before the election led to several SD representatives being subjected to violent attacks.

Later Dahlberg changed his mind and began to become critical of immigration policy. However, she has never explained why she has changed her mind.

Anna Dahlberg tells Expressen that she will work as an advisor to Ulf Kristersson with special responsibility for long-term thinking.

– I have sat on the sidelines all these years formulating opinions about how the country should be governed. Now I step into the corridors of power and get to experience how politics is made from the inside, says Dahlberg to the newspaper.