Electric Renault 5, new details of the CMF-B EV platform


In 2024 I will do the same. its debut is the Renault 5, a very important electric model for the electrification strategy of the French brand. Meanwhile, Renault wanted to tell something more; on the CMF-B EV platform, specific for segment B electric models, which will be; used by this car and not only.


The new platform will make the vehicle more versatile. his debut with the Renault 5 and it was; was designed to allow reducing production costs. On this issue, the French brand says that the new platform uses 70% of the components of the CMF-B platform, on which, for example, Clio and Captur are based. Compared to that of ZOE, the CMF-B EV platform allows to reduce the cost of production by 30%.

The new platform is; It was also designed to facilitate the production, development and optimization of the performance of the electric models on which it will be used. used. An interesting detail, thanks to the CMF-B EV, the future electric Renault 5 will be able to; rely on independent wheel rear suspension with multi-link scheme that we usually find on higher segment cars.

As for the powertrain, for the moment we know that the engine will be; placed at the front of the car. In addition, it will adopt the the synchronous wound rotor technology, the same used on the drives; of the new Megane E-Tech Electric. The advantage of this solution, in addition to a better performance, is; in costs, given the absence of rare earths.

The new unit; will be even more; 20 kg lighter than the Zoe. This is serious; enabled by the use of a new internal architecture that brings together the DC/DC converter, the battery charger and the energy management system.

Furthermore, an additional 15 kg will be saved thanks to the < strong>new layout of the battery pack made up of 4 modules. Renault also promises an increase in vehicle density. energy without going into details. Much attention is paid. A focus has also been placed on integrating the battery pack into the platform. Its positioning, underlines the builder, will give stiffness to the underbody, improving acoustics and driving pleasure at the same time.


Currently, the French brand is already in production. testing 9 prototypes of the future Renault 5. These are forklifts equipped with a platform, engine and battery technically in line with the future production vehicle. The design, on the other hand, is; still provisional with false elements of the Clio. Forklifts that also already have; faced the winter tests in which the technicians of the French brand were able to evaluate the functioning of the mechanics in extreme climatic conditions.

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