These are the new features in iOS 16.5


The iOS 16.5 beta is in full swing and that means that there are also new features to come. At the moment, the harvest is still a bit mediocre, but we hope that over time, with each new beta, some iOS 16.5 features will be added. Gonny van der Zwaag | – 29 March 2023, 18:20 whatsappfacebooktwittertelegramlinkedinmailprint

iOS 16.5 features

It will be a while before iOS 17 is announced and in the meantime Apple still has some improvements for iOS 16. They will be tested for the first time in the iOS 16.5 beta, which is now with developers. From this we can already deduce what the new functions are coming soon to your iPhone. We'll walk you through the most important innovations!

  • #1 Taking screenshots with Siri
  • #2 Sports tab in Apple News
  • #3 Multiple streams for sports in the TV app

# 1 Taking screenshots with Siri

In the first beta of iOS 16.5, it has become easier to take screenshots. Previously you had to go to the Control Panel for this, but you can now also use the voice assistant. To take a screenshot with Siri, say “Hé Siri, start a screen recording”. A screen recording is then automatically started, which you can also stop with Siri after a while. This can be useful if you don't have your hands free.

#2 Sports tab in Apple News

Here's one that most Dutch people will probably never use. The Apple News app will have a separate tab for Sports. You can add your favorite teams here and you will receive a personal feed with all your news, results and highlights. This new tab does mean that space had to be made elsewhere. The Search and Following tabs are now merged.

#3 Multiple streams for sports in the TV app

Not yet an official feature for us to test, but one that has surfaced in iOS 16.5's code. It appears that Apple plans to enable a multiview display for the TV app. You can watch four different sports matches at the same time. It would fit well with Apple's ambition to offer more and more sports, with for example the MLS Season Pass, MLB Friday Night Baseball and (according to rumor) interest in also getting broadcasting rights for the English Premier League and Dutch Eredivisie.

References in the code were discovered by Steve Moser. Earlier there were also clues in the code, but there are now so many that a release seems imminent. It also now appears that it is mainly focused on sports. When watching sports in the TV app, you will be asked whether you want to watch full screen or if you want to see the multiview display. The maximum is four. If you try to add a fifth sports broadcast, you will receive an error message. Some third-party apps already offer picture-in-picture for four sports events at once, such as ESPN in the US.

Apple has not yet officially announced the plans and it could be postponed as one of the highlights in iOS 17 and tvOS 17.

When is iOS 16.5 coming?< /h2>

iOS 16.5 will be the next major update to iOS and is expected in May or June of this year. Beta rounds started on March 28, and Apple usually releases five to six betas until the official release. So it may be a while before you can use these new features of iOS 16.5. By comparison, iOS 15.5 was released in May last year, even before WWDC started.

If you want to try these iOS 16.5 features now, you have to join the beta program. This can be done as a developer or as a public tester. In both cases you no longer need a beta profile, but you can go to Settings > General > Beta updates indicate that you want to join the beta. You will then get the next beta installed as soon as it becomes available. You must register as a public beta tester for this. Developers must use the Apple ID with which they participate in Apple's Developer Program. Since Apple no longer uses beta profiles, it doesn't matter if you previously tested developer betas or public betas.