The Russian ambassador is called to the Foreign Ministry


Published March 29, 2023 at 4:23 p.m.

Domestic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today summoned the Russian ambassador to “mark clearly against Russia's obvious influence attempts”.

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The background is a text that has been published on the Russian embassy's website and Facebook page, where they warn of the consequences of Swedish NATO membership.

Russia's ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, writes that “new members of the enemy bloc (i.e. NATO, editor's note) will to become legitimate targets for Russia's countermeasures, even of a military nature”.

He also warns that Swedes may be sent to die for American interests.

“The possibility should not be excluded that NATO's desire to fight Russia 'to the last Ukrainian' means that there will simply be no Ukrainians left to fight,” writes the ambassador.

In that case, NATO may decide to actively intervene in the conflict, and then “Swedes will undoubtedly be involved and sent to die for other people's interests”.

The text also describes how Sweden is turning into a state subject to the US and that Swedish politicians are selling out their country's sovereignty after have been “charmed” by Washington.

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) responds by emphasizing that “Sweden's security policy is determined by Sweden”. He has now summoned Russia's ambassador to the Foreign Ministry.

– It is important for Sweden to be able to protest against what is an obvious attempt to influence and the most appropriate way to do this in diplomacy is to summon the ambassador and speak about this. And also make it clear that Sweden's security is determined by Sweden, it is not determined by anyone else, says Billström to SVT.