The IS witch in Gothenburg is sentenced to prison


Published March 29, 2023 at 1:46 p.m.

Domestic. In 2020, Fria Tider revealed that Sweden had granted the IS woman “Umm Fidah” ​​protected identity and that she now makes a living selling witchcraft under the name Fatosh Ibrahim in Gothenburg. After the publication of the article, a house search was carried out at the home of Ibrahim, who is now sentenced to prison – for war crimes in Syria, among other things.

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THE NEW CAREER: As a threatening witch on social media, Fatosh Ibrahim makes a living today by casting spells on people for payment.

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Here “Umm Fidah” ​​is getting married in the Islamic State in 2014. The picture was found during the police crackdown.

It was on December 23, 2021 that Fria Tider was able to publish a long excavation report about the IS woman from Gothenburg, who today makes a living as a witch in social media and has been reported to the police for several threats.

The disclosure received 21,000 shares in social media and was plagiarized by several media.

“Now TV4 Nyheterna can reveal that the woman behind the mask previously fought for the terrorist sect IS in Syria”, it was said in TV4 three months later, for example.

After the media attention, the police made a crackdown on Fatosh Ibrahim, who in the first half of 2021 was served on suspicion of genocide or aiding and abetting genocide, as well as crimes against humanity or aiding and abetting it.

But the indictment that was filed now in December does not apply to that, but only to her publication of the photos where you can see her posing at IS execution site at al-Naim roundabout in Raqqa, while dead bodies and impaled severed heads are seen in the background.

The publication is a war crime, the prosecutor argued, because through it she is considered to have subjected several dead persons protected under international law to humiliating or degrading treatment.

– Yes. So this was stupid what I did. I shouldn't have posted them. I… It was just an impulsive act I did when I got into a fight with some guys from… uh… what's it called… Trollhättan, says Fatosh Ibrahim in interrogation.

She has previously said that she may miss the adrenaline from the war, but firmly denies that she would have led any so-called women's brigade within IS. She instead laughs and claims that the brigade – al-Khansa – never existed.

In her posts, the woman had written disparaging comments about the people in the pictures and expressed that they deserved what they were subjected to.

The Gothenburg district court considers that the images, together with the derogatory comments, constitute derogatory treatment which “was intended to seriously violate the personal dignity of protected persons according to the penal provision on war crimes”. According to the court, the IS witch has clearly expressed her sympathy with the actions of IS and her actions “have been considered to be in connection with the armed conflict that was going on in the area at the time”.

Fatosh Ibrahim is also sentenced for threats against civil servant and gross defamation, directed at two social workers. The penalty is three months in prison.

In social media, Fatosh Ibrahim now has a large number of followers, including on Tiktok where 20,000 people share her posts. In a message to her followers, she writes:

“You've got a wrong image of me thanks to the media, I'm not who they say I am, I'm not evil, I don't hate gays, I haven't gone and murdered people”.

She writes further:

“I know what I did, I ended up with this IS because they forced me, of course I became brainwashed. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you, but I'm not what you think”.