Porsche integrates Be Charge into its top-up service


To make it easier for you to upload the file, you will be able to upload it. Porsche offers the service “Porsche Charging Service“. Through the My Porsche application, available for the iOS and Android operating systems, it is possible to It is possible to locate the top-up points, check their availability; and manage your energy supply throughout Europe without having to use multiple cards and apps. Now, the German automaker has signed an agreement with Plenitude (Eni), through its company. checked Be Charge.

Thanks to this partnership, using Porsche Charging Service will be easier. It is also possible to identify and recharge at over 14,000 Plenitude+Be Charge points present throughout Italy, both those in alternating current and those in direct current with powers up to 300 kW.


To identify the Plenitude+Be Charge charging points, from the My Porsche app it will be possible to identify the Plenitude+Be Charge charging points. just use the “Sustainable Energy” filter. Filter that also allows you to view only the charging points that use certified energy from 100% renewable sources, such as those of Plenitude+Be Charge.

In addition to the app, charging will be possible. be initiated via the Porsche Charging Service Cardsupplied to all customers who have activated the service. We remind you that Porsche customers who decide to use this top-up service can access dedicated rates. To date, Porsche Charging Service provides 88% of the charging points available in Italy in e-roaming and over 95% if we consider only the Hyper Charge (HPC) structures. Overall, at European level it allows access to around 360,000 top-up points. Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italia, said:

Traveling by electric must be as simple as driving traditional cars if we really want to increase the share of electric cars in our country. In this, the charging network plays a key role. Thanks to the agreement with Plenitude, starting today our customers have access to a further 14,000 points scattered throughout the national territory, which are added to the thousands already available. covered by the Porsche Charging Service, all accessible via a single app.

Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plenitude, added:

The development of e-mobility is an important part of our strategy to support the energy transition. We are therefore delighted to offer Porsche customers a unique electric experience thanks to our network of charging infrastructures, which by 2026 will include a number of electric vehicles. over 30,000 points with increasingly technologically advanced services; innovative.

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