Jomshof: “Swedes on the way to becoming a minority in their own country”


Published 29 March 2023 at 18.52

Domestic. “The Swedes are about to become a minority in their own country” and this is not a conspiracy theory. That's what Richard Jomshof (SD), chairman of the Riksdag's justice committee, now states.
“Racist Breivik dung”, replies Aftonbladet's culture director Karin Pettersson.

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Right now a debate is going on on social media, where profiles on the left state that the so-called population exchange in Sweden is a “far-right conspiracy theory”.

Recent statistics show that people with a foreign background will soon be in the majority in the country's three largest cities.

TV4's “Cold facts” simultaneously accuses SD leader Mattias Karlsson of spreading the “conspiracy theory of a people exchange” in a unpublished manifesto for the Fundraising Foundation for Swedish Conservatism. As proof that these are conspiracy theories, TV4 has enlisted the help of “experts”, who are in fact left-wing activists.

Karlsson's party colleague Richard Jomshof is strongly critical of the Cold Facts program and dismisses the idea that it is about conspiracy theories.

” Gang crime and organized crime is largely an imported problem. The Swedes are on the way to becoming a minority in their own country. There is an Islamization going on. There are no conspiracy theories but facts,” writes Jomshof on Twitter.