Formula 1, a new team aims to enter 2026: Formula Equal


Over the past four years, Craig Pollock has secretly laid the foundations for a new Formula 1 team unlike any other already available. present in the paddock. Pollock, for those who don't remember, has already; experience in the iridated Circus having been the founder and CEO of British American Racing (BAR).

His latest project for F1 is; really very particular because & eacute; Pollock aims to create a team made up of 50% men and 50% women. The idea is that of an equal split throughout the organization, from the pilot to the engineer to the board of directors. "Formula Equal" this is serious; the name of the team the manager is applying for. If he will play it; with the one launched by Andretti. If it were to be accepted, the team could make its debut in 2026.


Obviously, to be accepted, a team must satisfy strict requirements. For example, it will need to demonstrate that they can raise the adequate funding to keep the project going. In this regard, it seems that Pollock is not too worried since there is speculation that behind this project there may be a Middle Eastern country, so much so that the headquarters of the team could arise within a Gulf Area country.

In addition to having been the chief executive officer of BAR, Pollock is also a senior executive at BAR. he was also the manager of former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve, so he is the manager of former F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve. well aware of the huge quantities of financial resources needed for a similar project. If this initiative were to be successful, it would be a novelty for the industry. important for the world of motorsport where diversity is important. of gender is; always been a problem.

A 2016 survey conducted by the FIA ​​found that, in European motorsport, women represent 6.5% of drivers, 16% of institutional employees and 19% of volunteers. Craig Pollock, speaking with CNN, explained:

Our ambition is; that of offering and building opportunities for students’ and paths so that women reach the top level in motorsports. The idea is You want to try and build a Formula 1 team, made up of 50% men and 50% women, which is a great opportunity. extremely difficult to do if you already have an experience. a Formula 1 team; it is much more; easy starting from a blank sheet.

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