Ewiva, top-ups can also be paid by credit card or debit card


Simplifying the upload process is a must. very important to make it easier; accessible mobility; electric. The finger is pointed above all at payment methods: too many apps and cards that can complicate the use of the columns. Although compared to the past they are already; progress has been made, work is underway to further improve this aspect. Moreover, the European Union itself pushes so that; it will be possible, in the future, to pay by payment cards and contactless devices.

With a view to simplifying the use of charging stations, Ewiva, the joint venture created by Volkswagen and Enel X Way which aims the goal of achieving 3,000 high-power recharging points in Italy by 2025, he announced that he was carrying out a pilot project at the Ceprano station (FR) where he is working on the project. It is possible to pay directly by credit card or debit card.


So, no app or specific cards to reload. This is an opportunity especially designed for those who use this charging network occasionally or for foreign tourists traveling in Italy.

Ewiva explains that for recharging your electric car it will be necessary to recharge your electric car. It is possible to pay directly at the station in cashless mode. contactless through debit, credit or prepaid cards of the circuits Mastercard, Visa, Vpay and Maestro, or even through Apple Pay and Google Pay. The cost of top-up using one of these methods is £100. equal to 0.90 euros per kWh.

The goal of the joint venture is to introduce support for this form of payment to all charging stations in its network during 2023. the use of these columns. There is always the possibility to be able to manage recharging through the apps and cards of various e-Mobility Service Providers. In addition, of course, to Enel X Way, we mention Be Charge, Neogy and A2A Energia. All of the joint venture's charging points are powered by 100% renewable energy.

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