Autostrade, the fourth "dynamic" lane opens on the A4 between Cormano and viale Certosa


For all the commuters who travel along the A4 every day in the Milan area, there comes a ;interesting news. In fact, starting today, 29 March, Autostrade per l'Italia will make available an initial section of the “dynamic fourth lane” between the Cormano junction and the viale Certosa junction, for the moment only in the direction of Turin.

In line with the timetable for the last phase of construction of the fourth dynamic lane on the A4 between Viale Certosa and Sesto San Giovanni, starting from the morning of 29 March, Autostrade per l'Italia will make it possible to a first section is available to traffic, between the Cormano junction and the viale Certosa junction in the direction of Turin, already under construction; equipped with the new configuration.


The novelty; will concern a total section of 10 km of the A4. The new "dynamic" will allow to be able to follow the emergency lanewhen traffic conditions require it. Obviously, all this only when this lane will not be used. affected by events or by the transit of rescue vehicles. Therefore, the emergency lane will be able to be used as a fourth lane to speed up the flow of cars and reduce queues.

How does it work? Everything will be managed by a system called AID, Automatic Incident Detection, which will be; capable of detecting the conditions of the motorway platform, signaling to motorists the possibility; to be able to travel in the emergency lane. Therefore, the A4 motorway between Cormano and Viale Certosa will be closed. the first asset in Italy to be equipped with a dynamic management system in a four-lane context.

The works to upgrade this section of motorway should be completed over the next few weeks.

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