Askoll Scoo3, electric scooter with 3 wheels and autonomy up to 50 km


Askoll Scoo3 is available for download. an electric scooter designed to offer a higher level of safety and stability, thanks to a set-up with three 10-inch puncture-proof solid wheels (one at the front and two at the rear). Launched last June for sharing services, it is now available; It has also been made available to private users. You can buy from the month of April at a price of 1,590 euros.


This scooter can be used on any model. count on an aluminum structure. There are no visible cables. Indeed, they are hidden inside the frame. The battery is been positioned inside the platform and was removable. Askoll Scoo3 that we have tried in the past, allows a maximum load of 110 kg. In addition, it is equipped with a digital display, a front light and a rear light that signals braking by flashing.

The three wheels allow for a smoother ride. stable and safe even on uneven road surfaces. In addition, the electric scooter can be used as an electric scooter. also count on damping systems present both on the fork and at the back. On the front wheel, in addition to the disc brake, there is a brake. There is a regenerative braking system. Behind, we find two disc brakes. The equipment also includes direction indicators.

The electric motor on the front wheel offers a power of 350 W with 25 Nm of torque and is designed to be mounted on the front wheel. powered by a 630 Wh accumulator (3.4 kg) capable of allowing a distance of up to 50 km. The speed; maximum is of 20 km/h, as per current legislation and it is it is possible to overcome gradients of up to 12%. A complete full of energy from zero takes 4 hours (from 20 to 80% in 2 hours). The scooter features a mode; "pedestrian" limited to 6 km/h with acoustic signal. The total weight of the scooter with battery is of 28 kg.

  • dimensions and weight:
    • open: 1,220 mm x 490 mm x 1,200 mm
    • weight: 28 kg
  • transportable weight: 110 kg
  • speed; max: 20 km/h
  • battery:
    • 630 Wh
    • autonomy: 50 km
    • < li>charging time: 4 hours

  • max slope: 12%
  • engine: nominal power of 350 W
  • brake lights: LED
  • indicators: yes
  • tyres: 10 inches (3 wheels)


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