Alfa Romeo Tonale “Children's Edition”, a unique specimen designed for families


Alfa Romeo presented the Tonale Children's Edition in the United Kingdom. It is a one-of-a-kind model equipped with a series of accessories designed for families with small children. Anyone with children of a few years knows very well that car journeys can become complex. Trips that must often be planned down to the smallest detail between diaper changes and a break for a snack with the interior of the car, however, destined to fill up with crumbs and much more…

The Italian brand has therefore decided to create a concept of its SUV designed specifically for the needs of families with small children. At the moment there doesn't seem to be the will to do it. to commercialize this car but it is not; excluding that some of the proposed solutions cannot then arrive on production cars, perhaps within some specific packages.


To help parents embark on voyages with their youngest children on board, they are able to help parents embark on journeys with their youngest children on board. small, in the trunk of the Tonale there is A changing table has been integrated to be able to change diapers easily. Specifically, the changing table can be removed from the hair rack once the rear hatch of the car has been opened. A solution that does not compromise the overall load space as Alfa Romeo points out.

The trunk is clear. then also equipped with an organizer that allows you to make the most of the space. Organizerwhich also includes some useful objects such as a brush that allows you to clean up the child before letting him on board. There is even an electric vacuum cleaner to clean both the trunk and the passenger compartment. And moving on to the interior, we find shaped seat covers to adapt to the backrests of the driver and passenger seats which are equipped with a cup holder, a pen holder and a snack holder. In correspondence with the headrests there is a also a holder for tablets.

Since children tend to kick the backs of the front seats, Alfa Romeo has equipped the seats with protective panels. To keep your children under control, it's a must. There is a baby monitor, that is; a camera that allows the parent sitting in front to be able to check what is happening behind using a smartphone.

For waste such as handkerchiefs and papers of all kinds, behind is the; there is also a 6-litre bin that can be placed in the bin. be removed to be emptied easily.

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