Woman did not get a physically demanding job – DO demands 100,000 kroner


Published 28 March 2023 at 14.17

Law & Justice. The discrimination officer, DO, believes that it was gender discrimination when a woman who had applied for work as an installer was screened out in the recruitment process because the work was considered too physically demanding for women. The DO now demands that the company pay 100,000 kroner in discrimination compensation to the woman.

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According to the DO, the woman has worked as a professional driver for many years with tasks that include covered distribution of pallets, packages and goods as well as loading.

She has applied for work with the employer in question on four occasions and on the last occasion she was informed via e-mail that the employer had moved on with a male applicant .

The employer also wrote that he was not aware of any women working in the industry, as the work is very physically demanding. According to DO, it appeared that this was the reason why the employer had hired a man instead.

DO's assessment is that the employer has made the decision based on a notion that women cannot have the required physical ability, without having made an individual assessment of the woman's merits and personal conditions.

– Through the company's actions, the woman has lost the opportunity for permanent employment. She has also been discouraged by the employer's justification from applying for similar jobs with the employer in the future. According to DO, this is a matter of discrimination related to gender, says Sofie Haggård Larsson, a lawyer at DO's process unit.

DO now requests that the company pay SEK 100,000 in discrimination compensation to the woman. If the company opposes this, the DO will submit a lawsuit to the Labor Court.