The Somali: We support ourselves on the allowances for our nine children


Published 28 March 2023 at 15.39

Domestic. A well-known Somali father of nine children tells the journalist Joakim Lamotte that the family makes a living through all the grants they receive for the children.

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Göteborgs-Posten published in weekend a so-called sob report with the headline “Refugee family with nine children at risk of becoming homeless this summer”.

The article is about Somali Jamma Abdikadir Jammas and his family with nine children in Lerum, where they have been able to live for a long time in a so-called temporary temporary residence. The family is expecting a tenth child in May.

Now, however, they have been informed that they can no longer enjoy this benefit and that they must move out by June 30 this year.

– How will it go now? Before, my focus was on how we are going to have a better future, now I can only think about housing, Jamma tells GP.

The report also interviews teachers and sports coaches who describe how “unspeakably sad” it is that the Somali giant family may be forced to move from Lerum. Among other things, concerns are expressed that the children may end up “in the wrong company” if they are forced to move to a “segregated area”.

Journalist Joakim Lamotte believes that “the readers did not get all the answers” in the report in GP. He therefore decided to contact the father himself in the Somali giant family.

– There are a lot of children to support if you have no income. How is it that you have had so many children, he asks.

Jamma Abdikadir Jamma then tells us through an interpreter that the family “supports itself” through all the child benefits, together with supplementary contributions from the municipality for the children.


– That's how they make a living, summarizes the interpreter.