Racist attacked live – now Janne Andersson apologizes


Published 28 March 2023 at 17.40

Domestic. National football team captain Janne Andersson stormed out of the TV studio after getting into a big fight with expert Bojan Djordjic. After being subjected to racist accusations, he apologizes.
– I can forgive but not forget, says Djordjic.

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Viaplay football expert Bojan Djordjic attacked Janne Andersson in the studio after Sweden's 5-0 victory against Azerbaijan in the European Championship qualifiers on Monday.

Djordjic demanded that Andersson let Jesper Karlsson play more, and the national team captain argued against it.


The argument became increasingly fierce and culminated in Bojan Djordjic accusing Janne Andersson of implying that Djordjic would not represent Sweden. This is because the union captain questioned Djordjic's claim that he represented Sweden's entire population of “ten million” people.

In the end, Andersson stormed out of the studio in anger.

– Damn, how bad. Thank you for today, he said.

After the incident, Janne Andersson is accused of being “racist”, among others by Aftonbladet's Irena Pozar and left-wing activists on social media.

During a press conference on Tuesday Andersson apologized to Djordjic and said that he is not “racist”.

– I hate all forms of oppression and racism. I apologize profusely if he interprets it that way, Andersson said.

Bojan Djordjic himself states in a press release from Viaplay that he “can forgive but not forget” Andersson's comment.

– I can forgive but not forget. We all have something to learn from this and I will continue to do my job with integrity, says Bojan Djordjic in a statement.

Djordjic goes on to say that he “stands by” his “beliefs and values” “.

– I am passionate about these questions, which are based on my own experiences since I came to Sweden in 1992. I want to unite and build bridges in a divided society and would rather be clear and uncomfortable than unclear and comfortable, he says and adds:

– If you don't understand the importance of what happened in our broadcast, it is an inherent structural problem. Even though Janne says it was not his intention, I understood that it became a question about my origin and that made me hurt and disappointed in my national team captain.