NIO begins testing on Power Swap Station 3.0. 408 battery swaps per day


NIO believes in battery swap technology and is investing heavily in the creation of a capillary network of battery exchange stations in China and beyond. As we know, the Chinese automaker aims to install a total of 1,000 new battery swap stations within the country during 2023. that of closing 2023 with as many as 2,300 active battery swap stations.

Very important for this strategy will be the new third generation Power Swap Stations that NIO had presented during the of the latest NIO Day. The first of these new battery swap stations is NIO Day. entered, now, in operation.

2,300 STATIONS BY 2023

Initially, texts will be carried out of operation and then make it accessible to all customers. The first Power Station 3.0 is located in Shanghai and the entry into operation is now was accompanied by a small event in which Shen Fei was present, vice president of NIO, who reaffirmed some of the main features.

The new 3.0 station is the new 3.0 station. capable of storing up to 21 batteries inside (13 in the “old” Power Swap Station 2.0). Every day, it will be; It is possible to carry out up to 408 battery exchanges (312 today with 2.0 stations). The entire battery replacement process is simple. very fast and obviously automated. The time required is ‘ less than 5 minutes.

The Chinese automaker is continuing the development of this technology which it aims to introduce in Europe as well. As we know, it has begun to install the first stations in the countries of the Old Continent where it has launched the marketing of its electric cars. To support its growth strategy in Europe, it has also opened a battery swap station factory in Hungary.

NIO strongly believes in this technology, despite several analysts showing skepticism since, in order to spread the battery swap on a large scale, it is necessary to It is necessary for manufacturers to agree on a single standard on batteries. Is this an eventuality? very remote given where it is going on the market.

In any case, the Chinese manufacturer continues on its way. As of March 23, 2023, NIO customers in China could count on 1,323 battery swap stations.

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