Lamborghini, last spy video of the Aventador heir before the debut


Tomorrow, Lamborghini will lead the way. the heir of the Aventador, his new supercar that will be able to make its debut. count on the new V12 Plug-in engine. The official name of the new car is still not available. been revealed. For the time being, we know that the name of the project is; LB744. Waiting to finally be able to discover what the new supercar looks like, a prototype is available. been intercepted outside the Lamborghini factories. A new spy video from Varryx allows you to take a further look at the car. Although the bodywork is still covered by films to hide the design details, its shapes appear to be definitive.

OVER 1,000 HP

The novelty main feature of the new Lamborghini will be; its powertrain of which already; we know several things. In fact, according to what was told directly by the car manufacturer, it will be; composed of a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine combined with 3 electric motors. The scheme includes two units; electric at the front, one per wheel and the third electric propulsion unit positioned above the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The battery has a capacity of of just 3.8 kWh.

Overall, there will be 1,015 HP available. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the electric motors, the new supercar will be able to; offer multiple ways of learning – different driving styles, even with zero emissions 4WD, all selectable via the two rotors placed on the new steering wheel.

Lamborghini did not exist; limited, of course, to work only on the engine. In fact, he has created an entirely new chassis which, in addition to a monocoque entirely in carbon fibre, also has the front frame in Forged Composites, a special material made up of “short fiber carbon in a resin bath”, patented and used by Lamborghini on first structural applications since 2008.

In short, the new supercar will be; a true concentrate of new technologies. Therefore, all that remains is to wait very little to discover its appearance and all its further secrets.

[Video: Varryx]

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