From watchOS 9.4 you can remove standard apps from the Apple Watch


It is possible to remove Apple's standard apps from the Apple Watch without needing an iPhone.

Remove default apps from Apple Watch

It's a feature that Apple hasn't officially announced, but was only discovered after the release of watchOS 9.4: it turns out it's possible to remove built-in apps from watchOS , right from your Apple Watch> Further details are provided in an Apple support document. It concerns a series of apps that you can remove if you are not using them.

You can remove these default apps from the Apple Watch

Apple reports that starting with watchOS 9.4, you can uninstall the following default apps:

  • Activity
  • Depth
  • Emergency siren
  • Find My
  • Heart Rate
  • Cards
  • Wallet
  • Workout
  • World Clock< /li>

Previously, you could only delete the app from your Apple Watch on the iPhone. You also had to delete the app on the iPhone and that is not always desirable. Fortunately, it is now possible to do this separately from each other. You can then continue to use the app on the iPhone.

Deleting an app may affect certain functionality on your Apple Watch. For example, you will no longer be able to measure your heart rate if you delete the Heart Rate app, and you will also no longer receive notifications for unusually high or low heart rates, irregular heart rhythms, and cardio notifications.

Removing apps on the The Apple Watch is probably part of a large package of measures. Apple is under pressure to open up the platforms a little more, so that you are not stuck with the standard apps and can more easily try an alternative from another developer. It has been possible to delete standard iPhone apps for a long time.

You can read more about installing apps on the Apple Watch and removing them again in our separate tip.

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