Clear: New petrol cars will be banned in the EU in 2035


Published March 28, 2023 at 1:29 p.m.

EU. No new petrol and diesel cars will be sold in the EU from 2035. The member states have now finally agreed on that, Reuters reports.

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The law was finally approved on Tuesday by EU energy ministers after Germany granted an exemption for cars powered by so-called electrofuel.

Last-minute German opposition delayed the process of approving the law , writes Reuters.

The decision means that cars sold from 2035 onwards must have zero carbon dioxide emissions. Cars like this from 2030 must have at least 55 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to 2021 levels.

The new law was expected to make it impossible to sell cars with internal combustion engines in the EU from 2035. But the exception that Germany got represents a potential lifeline for traditional vehicles, even if e-fuels are not yet produced on a large scale.