Audi A5 Sportback: will it be? what? the new generation?


Audi is working on the development of new models, both internal combustion and electric, which will arrive over the next few years. Among these is; the new generation of Audi A4. New generation that will change the world. also the name in A5. As we know, the house with the 4 rings has decided to use odd numbers to indicate the names of endothermic models and even numbers to identify electric vehicles.

We've seen several spy shots of the new Audi A4/A5 Avant over the months and recently it was released. been "spied" also the new A5 Sportback which could take the place of the Audi A4/A5 sedan which, at the moment, is not available; never seen in road tests yet. Starting from the latest spy photos, the colleagues at imagined what the final look of the new A5 Sportback could be like.


The new A5 Sportback will present a new A5 Sportback. in front a new grille with a singleframe more; wide. In addition, new headlights will arrive with more streamlined shapes. thin. The car will be characterized by; also due to the presence of a sloping roof linetypical of Audi Sportbacks. At the rear there will be new optical groups joined together by an LED light bar. Overall, the new model should grow slightly in size, to the benefit of space for passengers.

The interiors shouldn't be any different from those already available. seen on some forklifts of the new Audi A4/A5 Avant. Therefore, we will find an independent digital instrument panel and a large central display for the infotainment system. As regards, however, the engines, units will probably be offered; petrol and diesel engines equipped with Mild Hybrid technology. Furthermore, there will also be versions equipped with a Plug-in powertrain.

So, all that remains is to wait for the presentation of the range of the new generation of Audi A5 to find out what the manufacturer really has decided to offer to its customers. The arrival on the market is expected during 2024.

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