“Renée's bridge” is closed for stealth advertising


Published 27 March 2023 at 16.22

Media. The board of review condemns TV4 for improperly favoring the company Foodora in an episode of the program “Renées brygga” with Renée Nyberg. TV4 now risks a fee of SEK 100,000.

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In a segment of Renée's bridge that was broadcast in January this year, the presenter and a guest in the program were seen taking received a delivery of cake and pastries from the food delivery company Fodoora.

The company's CEO handed over the pastries in a transport bag wearing the company's pink clothes, and the Foodora logo was clearly visible in the image of the clothes and bag. The guest also praised the company.

The feature was reported to the review board by a private person who perceived the whole thing as stealth advertising.

The review board assesses that TV4 created a situation in the program where the exposure of Foodora's logo, characteristic clothing and transport bag meant “a tangible favor” from the courier company.

“The favor was also reinforced by the fact that the guest spoke positively about the service”, writes the review board.

The review board rejects the feature because the favor was not justified by a sufficient information or entertainment interest. The committee will now apply to the administrative court for TV4 to pay a fee of SEK 100,000.