No biofuels for Italy (for now), negotiations will not be reopened


These days the agreement between Germany and the European Union on e-fuels is in the spotlight. A new report by Reuters tells what the next steps of the agreement reached could be, according to what has been read in a document from the European Commission.

According to what the report states, when the Member countries will approve the legislation on 2035, the European Commission will go; to propose a new category of vehicleswhich will include; only cars powered by “zero emission fuels”. The Commission will go then to present another regulation specifying how these cars can contribute to the achievement of the 2035 goals.

Everything will take the legal form of a "delegated act" which is difficult to reject by member countries. The report adds that if this path should nevertheless encounter obstacles, the Commission, with the aim of allowing the sale of cars powered by e-fuel after 2035, will choose to take the lead. another legislative process.


The Reuters report also adds that Italy has tried, without success, to try to have the the vote on Tuesday; on the 2035 legislation. As we know, our country also wants the inclusion of biofuels but from this point of view there is no way to go. been nothing to do.

In fact, Il Sole 24 Ore reports that the ambassadors of the states to the EU approved the agenda for tomorrow's meeting of energy ministers. Italy had asked for the postponement of the vote to investigate the details of the agreement between the EU and Germany which changes the conditions of the context of the 2035 legislation. been accepted.

Furthermore, already; in the morning an official of the European Union had reiterated once again that the regulation on CO2 emissions would no longer be enforced. open.

The regulation on CO2 emissions from cars will not be; reopened and this is the same. the basis for possibly proceeding with the decision.

Apparently, any possibility seems to be waning, at least for now, for Italy to even include biofuels in the regulation. Tomorrow, March 28, therefore, the decision will be made. officially the future of the car in Europe which at this point will be; electric, hydrogen and powered only by e-fuel after 2035.

However, it will take; However, it takes some time to arrive at defining all the standards relating to e-fuels and it is necessary to do so. Italy could enter this work in the coming months to try to relaunch biofuels, even if the possibilities are open. are limited.

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