Immigrants soon in the majority in both Stockholm and Gothenburg


Published 27 March 2023 at 06.56

Domestic. The population exchange in Sweden continues at breakneck speed. Now 35 percent of the entire population has a foreign background – and soon this category will be in the majority in all of the country's three largest cities.

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It is Expo founder Tobias Hübinette, today a far-left racial researcher, who has produced the new figures and is spreading them in triumph.

According to the figures from Statistics Sweden, at the turn of the year, 34.62 percent of Sweden's residents had a foreign background at most one generation back. This means first or second generation immigrants with at least one foreign-born parent.

In the third largest city, Malmö, those with a foreign background are already in the majority. On 31 December 2022, the percentage was up to 57.54 percent.

In Gothenburg and Stockholm, the corresponding figure at the turn of the year was 47.96 and 45.43 percent, respectively.