Hungarian NATO demand on Sweden: Stop the jump-start


Published 27 March 2023 at 10.57

Foreign. Hungarian members of parliament want Sweden's government to promise to end its advances on Hungary if they are to vote through the Scandinavian country's NATO application. This is reported by the Budapest Times.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's political chief Balázs Orbán says on the radio that the Hungarian government supports Sweden's NATO membership.

However, it is up to the parliament to actually vote for the ratification, and there is “a small problem”, he continues.

– Some Hungarian MPs feel uncomfortable because in recent years they have witnessed that some Swedish government members have made a habit of constantly questioning the democratic state of affairs in Hungary. They insult Hungarian voters and members of parliament and, by extension, the whole of Hungary, says Balázs Orbán.

According to Orbán, it is not in Hungary's interest to take a position on issues related to Swedish domestic policy, and one expects the same from Sweden on Hungarian issues.

– Hungarian members of parliament are waiting for an assurance that there are no problems with the foundations of Hungarian-Swedish cooperation, says Balázs Orbán.

He states that they seem to have received such an assurance from the Finns, but as far as Sweden is concerned, the situation is different.

Balázs Orbán received a lot of attention at the end of last week when he explained to Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) what Hungary's “problem” was with the Swedish government where.

He cited Swedish government representatives' attacks on Hungary, including Kristersson's own statement that the EU must “get tough on the Hungarian government” and support the “increasingly strong” left-liberal opposition in the country.